Village Development

GEN and its partner End Poverty (EP) undertake a variety of activities to improve infrastructure and access to government services in response to demand from the villagers. To enable this we have encouraged the formation of Village Development Groups (VDGs) to enable issues to be raised and discussed assess priorities for development at a village level.

Over 50 small infrastructure development projects have been undertaken at the instigation of village development groups supported by EP. These have included providing water pumps, improvement of roads and pathways, building proper boundaries to schools and other public places, improving agricultural production through water management and supply of better plants and seeds.

Women Empowerment Project

In a new initiative, 23 Self Help Groups of women were formed during the year with 217 women members in the groups. Each member saves @ Rs. 100 – 200 per month. Bank Accounts have been opened for 13 of the groups. By March 2017, 18 groups had saved Rs. 137,400/-. The savings is being used as inter loaning to meet their regular cash requirements as well as emergency funds and credit was provided to 2 local youth for economic activity.

Dairy Development Programme

This has trained 400 farmers in ways of improving milk production to meet national standards. It had become clear through the annual stakeholder meetings that farmers need help in improving their animal productivity and achieve a better price for their milk. Collaborating with ABS India program to improve the breed of dairy over 1980 farmers were supplied with high-quality artificial dissemination dosages but were also given training in breed improvement, animal nutrition and animal health.