Tree for Life

To promote sustainability and reduce water consumption in farming, EP is helping farmers to diversify from field crops to horticulture crops. Towards this end, EP’s ‘Plant a Tree for Life’ (PTFL) project is a strategic intervention as horticulture farming gives higher returns, need less water & labour and improves environment & nutrition in family. In year 2018-19, EP distributed a total of 8065 plants to over 143 farmers in 35 villages. The saplings distributed include Guava – 3778, Lemon – 1745, Sweet lime- 921, Pomegranate – 736, Black Berry (Jamun) – 305, JackFruit- 192, Ziziphus (Ber) – 188. In the decade, EP has distributed 35,820 saplings to 680 farmers of which some of them have already reached fruiting stage and farmers have already started selling and realizing better returns from horticulture farming. To further support Tijara farmers that grow fruit and vegetables in sales and marketing of their produce at competitive prices, steps have been taken to register a producer company based on the suggestions from the farmers.