Handicrafts Project

We initially set up two handicrafts centres with 60 women registered to make pouches bags and quilts.  In the past year each centre has produced over 1000 pouches. Several women have earned over R1000 per month in each centre. Recently we have set up five more centres.   


Rural Tourism Project

We are engaged in a project to promote sustainable rural tourism in the Tijara Villages.  we started with an Ecological Survey of the area which identified bird life, natural history, historic buildings and other features of interest. One of the key outputs of work to date is a ‘Guide to the Tijara Villages’ which provides an introduction to the area.   


Other Projects

Rural Development: Village  Development Groups

GEN and its partner End Poverty (EP) undertake a variety of activities to improve infrastructure and access to government services in response to demand from the villagers. To enable this we have encouraged the formation of Village Development Groups (VDGs) to enable issues to be raised and discussed assess priorities for development at a village level.


The GEN Initiative Ltd.  Working with grassroot NGOs and the most disadvantaged villagers to contribute to the elimination of poverty.

Charity Commission Registration No. 1101193

 Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee No. 4620446

 Company Limited by Guarantee No. 4620446